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My great granddaughter Abby 5 years old


My GiGi telling my story!

I can't sleep! Abby can't sleep well, she isn't hyper but for some reason she can't turn her brain off to sleep! When she dose sleep she move around a lot and talks! Doesn't rest!  We started her on Truemedx Focus for kids! Amazing!  I happy but it's a little sad when a 5 year old is so excited she can sleep! Thank you Truemedx! 

Shree,  47


I suffer from Fascia pain syndrome and I have a terrible time sleeping due to stress mostly! I sleep well using 3CHI CBD, the only problem is I sleep so sound I am a little achy in the morning because of the Fascia Syndrome! I use Truemedx Fit tincure it helps with my achy and gives me energy thou my day! CBD has saved me! 

Diane, 70


Diane Keeble

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016! At the encouragement  of my son to check out marijuana, I found CBD! I have read and watched a lot of videos on how marijuana can help with cancer! I was very blessed to only have to do surgery! No chemo no radiation! But I do have a liver condition also and thought CBD may help with that because my condition is autoimmune, and I had heard CBD would help with autoimmune. I decided to go for it! It did take a while but my numbers just kept getting better and better! My Alkaline Phosphatase are now normal and they haven't been normal in 12 years! CBD is the bomb!!! Happy Days! 





I have anxiety attacks that pop when ever they feel like want to. I have no idea what triggers them. They come and go. They had gotten so bad that I had no choice but to do a daily medication plus as needed medication. I did this for a year. I gained 30 lbs with that daily medication. Being 5 foot nothing just 10 lbs can be a lot. So I had to do something different. I got in touch with my cousin


because I knew her mom sold CBD Oil. I was able to ask my questions and get back up facts. So I talked to my doctor and he said yes let’s try it. I have been on the oil now for over a year and love it. I take the 3 Chi calm 500MG. This works for me with in minutes. I would choose this over the medication any day. It works faster and is safer for me.



I struggle with severe chronic pain, especially in my back. I am on a regiment where I supplement for pain with an opioid prescription. I was weary of trying a natural Advanced Bioceutical.

After trying Comfort and Ease for 3 days, I experienced BETTER pain relief and a decrease in inflammation.

My TruemedX Affiliate was able to discuss with me the down regulating effects the Comfort and Ease Journey has on the Endocannabinoid System. By targeting that system I found relief!