3Chi was founded by a biochemist with 15 years of product formulation experience after experiencing firsthand the healing powers of CBD. Since that point he and the company have focused on cannabinoid research, particularly minor cannabinoid research, in an effort to create the most effective products available on the market.


We believe in the healing power of hemp, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis compounds.

We believe in the entourage effect: that different combinations of cannabis compounds can produce different effects, and consuming combinations of cannabis compounds is generally more effective than consuming just one isolated compound.

We believe in constant research and testing to continually produce the most effective products in the industry.

Targeted Relief

Custom blends utilize the unique properties of each cannabinoid and terpene to produce tailored effects

Biochemist Formulated

Products are developed using trained scientific methods and research

Lab Tested Extracts

Lab-tested at the extract level so you can see the full cannabinoid content used to create your product

American Made

We manufacture in the USA using California, Oregon, and Colorado grown hemp & hemp extracts.

Natual Broad Spectrum Blends
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